Garden furniture restoration in Godalming

Completely rotten wood and damaged old garden furniture was asking to be restored and saved.

We applied new protective paint layer and replaced wooden ribs cut to size. Together with brand new screws this beautiful vintage garden furniture can enjoy another 50 years of use.

Decking painting in Godalming

Cleaning, painting and preservation of wooden decking and hot tub in Godalming.  Client was extremely happy to know that treated wood will last longer in poor weather conditions.


Hedge cutting Guildford

Ivy hedge cutting in Woking, Surrey

Regular customer from Woking needs Ivy hedge cutting and trimming.

Ivy hedge

Ivy grows fast during wet months and requires regular trimming and annual cutting.

Fence building Godalming

Building fence in Farnham, Surrey

Client required to rebuild the fence and make it taller for privacy reasons.

The challenge

Rebuild required concrete posts and original wall in the ground needed to be taken apart. We applied heavy machinery to prepare the ground for the posts and taller fences.

Garden maintenance Godalming

Weeding and planting in Godalming, Surrey

Our regular client asked to make some drastic improvements in the garden.


Bushes were quite overgrown in this garden and had to be removed as client wanted larger play area for children.


After the bushes were removed whole area was fully re-turfed.


Wouldn’t be a garden without summer flowers.

Hedge cutting Guildford, Surrey

Hedge cutting in Guildford, Surrey

Regular FixIt Surrey customer from Guildford requires hedge trimming twice a year.

The challenge

This high hedge can be safely cut only from a ladder because of uneven terrain, and requires minimum of two people to do that. No problem for Fixit Surrey team as we have the right tools and skills available.

Our diverse team also includes Sarka, our flower girl.


Patio cleaning Farncombe, Godalming

Patio cleaning, Jet washing in Godalming, Surrey

Client required complete cleaning of driveway and patios

Problem and solution

Because of higher humidity here in UK, driveways and patios get moldy and dirty relatively often and they need to be cleaned regularly.

Untreated surface areas can pose obvious hazards, if left unattended they become very slippery and dangerous.

Building a fence in Guildford, Godalming

Building 40 meter fence in Guildford, Surrey

Client contacted FixIt Surrey with request to build a completely new fence.

20 year old fence was heavily damaged over time with ingrown wild ivy in most places it required clearing work and building new fence completely.


We dedicated 2 days for clearing works and preparation. Including building 17 new concrete posts.


5 days work for our team to build completely new fence on the side of the house. Job also required light terrain changes.